Let’s Explore Bavaria: digital inspiration for travel across Bavaria
DB Regio AG

Let’s Explore Bavaria: digital inspiration for travel across Bavaria

To promote Regio ticket sales, we created the content marketing platform Let’s Explore Bavaria. Here rail travelers can find inspiration for excursions across Bavaria. Suggested trips are linked to the railway as an optimal means of transport, encouraging users to buy tickets through attractive offers on different channels.

The Customer

DB Regio AG is responsible for Deutsche Bahn AG’s local passenger transport in Germany and is divided into two divisions: rail and bus. As one of the largest employers and carriers in the country, DB Regio is a service provider for numerous public and private partners and is the market leader in Germany's local transport sector.

  • 36374 Employees
  • 9 Billion Turnover
  • 5.4 Mio. Passengers per day


Creating travel opportunities

Creating travel opportunities

With the overall goal of promoting Regio ticket sales, DB Regio AG wanted to create leisure sector travel incentives in Bavaria. The aim was to establish the railway as the optimal means of transport, with Regio tickets as the best way to go.
Content as a service: Let’s Explore Bavaria

Content as a service: Let’s Explore Bavaria

Together with DB Regio, we developed a digital content marketing strategy to create travel incentives which convert to ticket bookings. We implemented this both conceptually and technically on the basis of Pimcore's digital experience platform. To do so, we created a database with over 370 excursion destinations, available as structured data, as well as an editorial content area with curated access to the database. Our content-as-a-service strategy was based on a comprehensive analysis of search behavior related to leisure travel planning and the identification of relevant content. This made it possible to offer visitors interested in an excursion good reasons to travel at the optimal time, and to link this encouragement with the advantage of the railway as the ideal mode of transport. Furthermore, by mapping customer journeys, we delivered a tailored touchpoint strategy that creates awareness and visibility of Let’s Discover Bavaria across the web.

From an idea to the track

With more than 370 excursion destinations, 170 article pages, and details for over 1,000 stations, the new platform has become one of the most important points of contact for online leisure travel planning in Bavaria. Users access the platform via different channels: organic search, advertising media in content networks, or through DB Regio Bayern’s social media activity. In addition to communications campaigns for specific travel occasions, DB Regio also strategically offers some of their topics as “Always on Display,” which ensures a high volume of additional visitors to the platform. The relevance of both the content and offers is reflected in the excellent user quality KPIs — Let’s Explore Bavaria has been a total success!

Success Parameters

  • 370 Destinations
  • 170 Article pages
  • 45 % Bounce rate
  • 2 Pages per visit

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