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We create future strength by aligning technology, people and culture

Our craft: digital infrastructure. Our product: future strength.

The result of what we do is measurable added value for our clients. And not just for companies, but for their employees, too. Digital infrastructure can only be truly great when it helps the people who use it. When it makes them more efficient, giving them time to focus on the things that really matter — like the future of the company. We call this “future strength.” How strong do you feel?

Our services

Digital Transformation, Evaluation Consulting & Implementation Support

Digital infrastructure projects can determine a company’s future success. They’re also often complex and require financial investment. That’s why we act as your training partner right from the start. We accompany you in developing your strategy, exploring and evaluating solutions, and ultimately launching your product. Throughout the process, we keep your team up to speed, never lose sight of your strategic goals, and support you whenever necessary.

Information Management Solutions

Information management has to accomplish one thing above all: consistently gather all relevant information in the right place. We take care of this for you, whether it’s PIM, DAM, MDM, individual publishing challenges, or the provision of travel data. With our information management solutions, your information is always 100 percent transparent and 100 percent value-adding — for all users and on all channels.

Digital Sales and E-Commerce Solutions

If you’re looking to grow, you can hardly do without digital sales and e-commerce solutions. Whether it’s a product finder, sales partner portal, individual B2B commerce solution, or a classic online store, we help you digitize your sales channels and marketing services.

Digital marketing platforms

Every touch with your brand should offer added value for the customer. That's why we support you in the implementation of classic websites, scalable whitelabel website systems or entire digital experience platforms. The basis is target-oriented user journeys and a quick proof of concept.

Marketing Services

No matter how outstanding your content and products are, they still have to be found. And yet the competition’s offers seem to multiply by the day. That’s why we provide comprehensive services that cover the entire user journey — from SEA, SEO, content production, and social media advertising to segmentation, personalization, and conversion optimization.

Service & Operations

We stick by our clients on a long-term basis, which naturally includes operational support for their digital products. We handle the continuous care and maintenance of their systems, planned updates, and changes. And throughout, we provide an individual contact person and fast online support.
Eva Werle als CEO von Basilicom erklärt Digitalisierung

We don’t develop for you, but with you.

We’re happy when your digital solution can do a lot. And the most important thing for us is that it does a lot for you. We work in an agile manner. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re faster, but that we develop the best solutions together with our clients. We consistently check in to ensure we’re on the right track. What are our shared expectations? Do we really need this function? What does it do for users? Will it help customers? Does it add real value? Because great features alone aren’t the goal, but the keys to achieving your future strength.

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