The Krombacher Media Library – a central data pool for all assets
Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG

The Krombacher Media Library – a central data pool for all assets

In the course of building a digital experience platform for the Krombacher Brewery Group, Basilicom also implemented a media library based on Pimcore's Digital Asset Management (DAM) which increased the company’s asset management efficiency, improved brand management, and reduced costs.

The Customer

With an annual output of over 7 million hectoliters, Krombacher Brauerei is Germany's largest privately owned brewery. In addition to Krombacher Pils, there are a number of other successful products under the Krombacher name. Furthermore, Krombacher Brauerei holds the distribution rights for brands such as Schweppes, Vitamalz, and Dr. Pepper.

  • 7 mio hectoliters Annual output
  • 862 Mio. € Turnover
  • 974 Employees


Data silos and manual processes

Data silos and manual processes

Krombacher Brewery Group’s numerous brands are managed jointly by different departments, each with their own agencies and partners. In the past, digital product and marketing assets such as logos, product images, and advertisements were managed in a decentralized way via individual structures developed by different departments, agencies, and partners. On top of that, these assets could only be stored, searched, and made available via manual processes. For the many stakeholders involved, this led to a recurring high degree of manual effort during asset management and brand maintenance.
A digital asset management system integrated into the Krombacher digital experience platform

A digital asset management system integrated into the Krombacher digital experience platform

In the course of implementing the Krombacher digital experience platform, we integrated a digital asset management (DAM) system based on Pimcore. In the new system’s central data pool, employees and agencies can store and manage assets as well as use the pool to automatically bring their brand websites or online store to life. It’s also still possible to manually download various automatically generated resolutions and file formats for further use, whether in presentations or print products. In addition, we created a digital service for retailers and partners within the Krombacher media library, which is seamlessly integrated into the company's new digital asset management processes and can be controlled from the data pool.

Improved efficiency, better brand management, and lower costs

By introducing digital asset management into the Krombacher Digital Experience platform and expanding it to include the Krombacher Mediathek as a digital service for retailers and partners, Krombacher was able to reduce asset management costs by 60 percent. With a total of 14 brands, around 80,000 assets are currently managed in the system, which has now been established as the single point of truth for all of the company’s digital assets. This has led to hugely improved brand management, as all of Krombacher’s employees, agencies, retailers, and partners now have consistent, automated access to the brand’s correct and most current resources.

Success Parameters

  • 80000 Assets
  • 60 % Asset management cost savings
  • 14 Brands
  • 1 Single point of truth

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