The HVKompass: the digital tool for pharmacies
Deutscher Apotheker Verlag Dr. Roland Schmiedel GmbH & Co. KG

The HVKompass: the digital tool for pharmacies

Within one application and with just a few clicks, pharmacists can find suitable individual homeopathic remedies, be guided digitally through customer discussions on nutritional supplements, find answers to questions about dressing wounds, and research over 800 prescriptions with complete product directives.

The Customer

Deutscher Apotheker Verlag (DAV) is the largest pharmaceutical publisher in Germany. It provides pharmacists as well as pharmaceutical technical assistants and commercial employees with scientific information and professional know-how, whether they’re still training or mid-career.

  • 250 Employees
  • 1500 Online products
  • 950 Works
  • 67 Mio. € Turnover


Information management in pharmacies’ day-to-day operations

Information management in pharmacies’ day-to-day operations

Pharmacists are faced almost daily with the challenge of integrating research into their work routines. However, the specialized information they need was and often still is only available in analog form. Deutsche Apotheker Verlag, for example, offered most of its extensive specialized information in the form of print publications, as reference works and loose-leaf collections. But for pharmacists, storing extensive stocks of books and journals as well as attempting analog research in the course of preparing prescriptions and consulting with customers is totally impractical. Deutsche Apotheker Verlag therefore wanted to find a way to make pharmacists’ workday research more efficient, faster, and more convenient, as well as ensure that the results are always up-to-date, thanks to digitization.
Innovative online tools for consulting and research

Innovative online tools for consulting and research

To meet these challenges, together with DAV we used an agile approach to develop a digital application optimized for tablets and desktop devices. It consists of four individual online databases organized around the central topics of nutritional supplements, prescription libraries, wound care, and homeopathy. A number of innovative functions have been integrated into the databases—for example, pharmacists can offer digitally-supported customer consultations on homeopathic remedies and preparations as well as easily customize printed information for patients with the pharmacy’s logo and address. We created the application with Pimcore's data management platform, which manages the pharmaceutical information and makes it available in a responsive, browser-based application.

First-mover advantage in pharmaceutical information management

With the HVKompass, DAV is the first mover among pharmaceutical publishers in German-speaking countries. With just a few clicks, no matter the work situation, pharmacists can now find and optimally use all relevant information on four central topics. They can quickly find suitable, individual homeopathic remedies, be digitally guided safely and efficiently through a customer discussion on nutritional supplements, find answers to questions about wound care, and research more than 800 prescriptions with tested plausibility and complete preparation instructions. This application, which provides advice on any terminal device and during any situation, is meeting a steadily growing demand for digital services. Functions such as digitally-supported advice on individual homeopathic remedies enable both DAV and pharmacies to position themselves as innovative, customer-oriented service providers.

Success Parameters

  • 750 Indications
  • 10000 Homeopathic medicines
  • 4600 Dietary supplements
  • 800 Prescriptions

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