The Krombacher digital platform
Krombacher Brauerei Bernhard Schadeberg GmbH & Co. KG

The Krombacher digital platform

Together with Krombacher we designed and built a multi-brand website system for 14 of the brewery’s different brand sites. Based on Pimcore's digital experience platform, the system has an integrated ecommerce solution and is equipped with PIM, DAM, and a partner media library.

The Customer

With an annual output of over 7 million hectoliters, Krombacher Brauerei is Germany's largest privately owned brewery. In addition to Krombacher Pils, there are a number of other successful products under the Krombacher name. Furthermore, Krombacher Brauerei holds the distribution rights for brands such as Schweppes, Vitamalz, and Dr. Pepper.

  • 7 mio hectoliters Annual output
  • 862 Mio. € Turnover
  • 974 Employees


Innovation initiative at Germany's largest private brewery

Innovation initiative at Germany's largest private brewery

For its "Krombacher Digital Platform" innovation initiative, Krombacher Brauerei wanted a cross-brand digital solution that would enable all product and marketing data to be consolidated on a single platform. The goal was to be able to seamlessly store and maintain all data in a single location. In the future, Krombacher wants to use this data to communicate with its partners and end consumers across all current and future information channels. The project focused on the information supply chain, from procurement and production to distribution. All the relevant information was to be made available on a digital platform for all employees, partners, and suppliers. To achieve this goal, numerous technical, organizational, and cultural innovations were necessary right from the start. In addition to these structural changes, data consolidation was a particularly demanding task.
Information supply chain based on a modern digital experience platform

Information supply chain based on a modern digital experience platform

In conjunction with extensive research and analysis, we first compiled all relevant data in a data pool based on Pimcore's digital experience platform. Next, we prepared, refined, and processed this data on the Krombacher digital platform. For the third step, the data was made available for distribution to the various output channels. After designing and setting up the initial platform, we modeled, migrated, and consolidated the data. These central and universal data objects now form the basis for all further platform products, including data extracts, PDF data sheets, newsletter and website content, store product details, and image downloads. Finally, to complete the project, we built a white label system with more than 300 reusable modules.

On the road to digital transformation

The white label system makes it easy to design and launch individual websites within the Krombacher brand world. The store we implemented, which includes a community function, an extensive media library for partners and retailers, and a number of special websites and campaigns, now enables Krombacher to manage brands digitally in a cost- and process-efficient manner. In addition, backend, CRM, and logistics systems were all addressed in order to further automate processes. Since 2020, the Krombacher digital platform has played a key role in the development of the brewery's extensive loyalty program. Thanks to the agile way of working established from the start, with regular releases at rapid intervals, Basilicom can respond quickly and flexibly to any changing future needs or requirements. The collaboration between Basilicom and Krombacher created plenty of room for new ideas and innovations, and the entire digital platform is optimized continuously.

Success Parameters

  • 60 % Asset management cost savings
  • 200 % Increase in data quality
  • 60 % Increase in online sales
  • 14 Brand websites
Sven Markschläger
The time saved means we do a lot less work. Instead, we can focus much more on what makes a project successful.

Chief Digital Officer: Sven Markschläger

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