Multi-client platform — efficiently create and manage shared mobility sites
Deutsche Bahn Connect GmbH

Multi-client platform — efficiently create and manage shared mobility sites

Take the train to Hamburg and hop on a bike at the station — DB Connect makes it possible. Together with their partners, the company offers a range of shared mobility solutions for bike and car. And now, they can easily, efficiently manage the web presences of all their different partner services, thanks to a multi-client white-label CMS solution.

The Customer

DB Connect is part of Deutsche Bahn's New Mobility business unit and offers modern, flexible, and sustainable sharing and mobility concepts for bikes and cars. As a leading provider of connected mobility services, DB Connect creates solutions for companies, municipalities, and private customers.

  • 20000 Cars
  • 16000 Bicycles
  • 1.4 Million end customers


Decentralized, separate systems and environments

Decentralized, separate systems and environments

In addition to its own products such as Call a Bike and Flinkster, DB Connect also offers shared mobility services solutions for municipal authorities and private companies. Their clients in this area include Stadtrad Hamburg and Ford Carsharing. Until recently, the ten bike-sharing and five car-sharing services operated by DB Connect were hosted, managed, and maintained in a decentralized manner in separate systems. This generated superfluous effort in terms of content maintenance, infrastructure operation, and development and upkeep. DB Connect had to make extensive adjustments for each new cooperation partner — each web presence had to be set up manually, while templates and styles had to be adapted to the corresponding corporate design. Furthermore, there were no synergy between these clients.
Development of a white-label CMS, for synergy and a uniform design principle

Development of a white-label CMS, for synergy and a uniform design principle

Individual system landscapes, separate hosting, manual deployments, and cumbersome content maintenance? All that is now a thing of the past. We've removed redundancies, eliminated time-consuming and costly maintenance of decentralized systems, and developed a white-label CMS. Under this system, all of DB Connect’s brand partners can be managed synchronously. Existing clients can be easily migrated to the new system landscape. New clients’ web presences can be easily created and configured. This enables efficient management of all entities. By breaking down the system into individual and global requirements, we also created synergies and made functions and content available across clients. Furthermore, we developed a design system based on the atomic design principle: A uniform, global design language as a defined basic framework now makes simple, general adjustments possible via the frontend.

Create and manage client websites in a centralized, efficient, variable way

With the multi-client white label platform we developed, DB Connect can create and manage its numerous brand websites centrally and efficiently. The clearly arranged CMS enables easy management of product information, marketing communications, new customer registration, and user data administration. The technical infrastructure for communicating with other DB Connect services, e.g. when registering or changing customer data, is now also highly scalable and absolutely future-proof. All adjustments to the corporate design can now be made centrally. By providing a module library as a basis for website templates, our solution gives editors numerous easily applicable variation options in the design of any of their future new client websites.

Success Parameters

  • 1 System
  • 10 Clients
  • 26000 Vehicles
  • 1.4 Million users


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