basilicom LOVES Pimcore

Pimcore is the prize winning content-, data-management and multipublishing suite. We are almost exclusively using pimcore as the basis for all our projects - about 100 a year. It is suitable for all kinds of projects: simple landingpages, Facebook Apps, Mobile Apps, complex CMS-/CRM-/PIM-solutions, campaign/-sites and B2C-/B2B eCommerce applications. We love it.




What is Pimcore?

Pimcore is an integrated framework which has a very user friendly content- and data management editing UI - from documents, pages and photos to complex data structures such as ecommerce products. All of this is solely browser based - no additional software is needed. Enterprise features such as automatic document/PDF generation via Web2Print or the E-Commerce integration module allow for flexible development of powerful multichannel-publishing applications within the shortest timespans.

Why Pimcore?

Editors love the simple and intuitive user interface. The modern interface has all the features which are usually only offered by fully fledged desktop applications. Possibilities are limitless - Pimcore has no static modules for specific narrow tasks, but provides a framework for developing customized solutions. The system is future-proof, as it can be easily extended by developers: Pimcore is Open-Source und based on well known and widely used components and libraries.

basilicom is a proud official Pimcore Partner.
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We have a couple of resources for open source developers online:

basilicom pimcore plugins on Packagist

"SubdomainAdmin" Pimcore Plugin on GitHub
Hide admin access on main domain and enable it on another subdomain/domain

"DocumentAuthentication" Plugin on GitHub
Password protect (HTTP Basic Auth) pages on a document level

"Humans" Plugin on GitHub
Provides sane user avatar images

"HideStatusBar" Plugin on GitHub
Saves screen estate in the backend

"Pimcore Setup" (on GitHub)
Automated pimcore setup via Vagrant,
Ansible and Phing (Blog Post).